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EverBits Consulting Services

EverBits Consulting Services works to strengthen your skills for a quicker adoption and return on investment across many areas of model-based design — from standard compliant processes and tools to application development.

Expertise in Model-Based Design

With our extensive expertise in model-based design, we can help you to succeed with model architecture, process planning and workflow optimization, model implementation, tool upgrade & migration, and advanced application services by translating standards and methodologies into real-world solutions for software-intensive control systems.

Holistic Project Support

Our consulting services can be considered a holistic framework covering all aspects from implementing and realizing new technologies to the verification and improvement of existing products.

Project-Based Consulting

EverBits Consulting Expertise in Model-Based Design

We provide project-based consulting to help you exploit the full potential of Model-Based Design with MATLAB® and Simulink® for development of safety related applications in automotive industry.

We meet with your team to discuss current issues, to review the existing development process and to make recommendations on the effective use of development tools, including requirements management, function implementation and verification, automatic code generation and other related topics. Being an independent company we recommend a tool chain which includes only best-in-class tools for all aspects of embedded systems development to transform your company's development process while improving efficiency. The project-based support can include:

  • Assessment of current development processes
  • Gap analysis and optimization proposals
  • Workshop on ISO 26262 standard compliance
  • Tool chain definition and workflow optimization
  • Planning and execution of process transition
  • Educating project management and team members

Advanced Engineering

EverBits Advanced engineering. V-model

Advanced engineering provides personalized immediate assistance on your current project.

We focus on agreed project goals and implement them on time and within. We work closely with members of your team to precisely document developed work products to guaranty project success and to support know-how transfer. Advanced engineering can include:

  • Project management and documentation
  • Development of concepts and best practices
  • Requirements analysis and specifications
  • Mathematical modeling and algorithm design
  • Verification of models based on ISO-26262
  • Blockset and toolbox customization
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