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EverBits is a software company. Our tools EverCheck® and EverTest® simplify verification of safety related applications, enabling function developers to leverage advantages of Simulink® and Stateflow® for static and dynamic verification of models and integrated C code.

EverBits helps to exploit the full potential of model-based development in production projects by improving existing processes and building an effective development team. We support software development organizations in all phases of the V-Model with onsite consulting, training, coaching and advanced engineering on the following topics:

  • Requirements specification and inspections
  • Algorithm modeling and simulation
  • Model verification and requirements-based test
  • C-Code generation and verification
  • Toolchain qualification and ISO 26262 compliance

EverBits is a privately held software company based in Ismaning, Germany.


EverBits employees are experts in model-based design and functional safety with extensive experience in the automotive industry. We leverage our real-world industry experience and MATLAB and Simulink expertise to develop the most innovative model-based verification products on the market.

We provide our customers with know-how, tools and best practices for designing and verifying models, optimizing algorithms and generating production code for safety related applications.

Recent projects include defining and rolling out an ISO 26262 compliant processes, coaching on test-driven function development, developing company-specific modeling guidelines, training on model-based verification and requirements-based test for safety related embedded applications.

Contact Info

Telephone:  +49 176 9670 2310

Email:  support@everbits.com

Company Address

EverBits GmbH

Frühlingstr. 25

DE-85737 Ismaning

Federal Republic of Germany

Business Hours

Monday - Friday from 09:00 to 17:00,

Central European Time (CET).

Corporate Information

HRB: 19 6571

DE VAT: DE 281 397 649

DUNS: 342555671

CEO: Evgeni Verbitski

EverBits GmbH
Frühlingstr. 25, 85737 Ismaning, Germany

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