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Model-based design and functional safety assurance doesn’t have to be complicated for complex systems.

Complexity is a Reality

As systems get smarter and combine hardware and software, building them right becomes more complex. At EverBits, we believe in keeping it simple – and smart, removing friction and frustration from your product development process.

Innovation is Critical

Stop fixing, start innovating! The transfer of our model-based design expertise and our safety related know-how to your organisation creates an unprecedented opportunity for your innovations by tapping into the full potential of your engineering team, your processes and your tools.

Usability Matters

Usability can make the difference between pleasure and frustration. What technology can make easy will get done easily. That’s one of the reasons why we provide the most usable model-based verification solutions for safety related applications on the market – easy to learn and easy to use.



Strengthen your skills in functional safety with ISO 26262 and gain first-hand expertise in model-based design and related tools.


Learn from our certified experts how to get the most from model-based design and verification in a safety related context.


EverCheck and EverTest are qualiable tools for model-based verification in the satety-related context of ISO 26262.

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